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Biocontrol means

Welcome to Bio-insecta

We are an insectary, in Nea Syllata, Halkidiki, Northern Greece specializing in the production of beneficial insects for the biological control of various pests. Our solutions are used in greenhouses, open field crops, vineyards, urban green spaces and forests.

Starting our operations in 2008, we initially served the Greek market, and within 5 years, we extended our presence to several Balkan countries, offering a full range of biological tools, including beneficial insects and mites, EPNs, EPFs, pollinators, Biorend (chitosan), traps, pheromones, etc.

Furthermore, our products are also available in other European countries, with 24-48-hour delivery.

Our aim is to provide sustainable solutions that effectively replace the use of harmful chemicals, prioritizing safety for both users and the environment.

means care
for natural solutions,
for healthy food,
and ultimately
a better environment
for all.